Short Inspirational Quotes

This page is a collection of Short Inspirational Quotes. These quotes are inspirational, easy to memorize, and fun to work with. So pick a short quote, write it on a piece of paper and carry it around with you. See if the words can inspire you to something wonderful for your day. Another idea would be to get an inspirational magnet or mug with an inspiring quote on it. Get creative!

Follow your bliss.
-Joseph Campbell

Be here now.
-Ram Dass

Do or do not, there is no try.

Carpe diem/Seize the day.
-Latin poem by Horace

Know thyself.

Just Do It!

Do it Now!
-Napoleon Hill

Whatever it takes.

Anything is possible.

Don't quit!

The show must go on.
-show business phrase

Every dog has his day.

Be all you can be.
-US army

Success leaves clues.
-Jim Rohn

Count your blessings.
-Og Mandino

Live life to the fullest.

Love conquers all.

Live your dreams.
-Les Brown

Happiness is a choice.
-Barry Neil Kaufman

Live with passion.
-Anthony Robbins

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