Jason McElwain Inspirational Video

Here is the Jason McElwain Inspirational Video. By now his story has made national news and you may have already seen this video. But it’s so inspiring I had to add it to my list.

Here’s his story:
17-year-old Jason McElwain of Greece Athena High School in New Jersey made a record six three-pointers in the final minutes of his last game. He scored 20 points in less than a quarter of basketball.

That’s not the inspirational part, what’s really amazing is simple, Jason McElwain is autistic. Before this game, he had not played in a real basketball game with the team; instead he was the team manager.

For the senior’s last game of the year, the coach decided to allow him to suit up and sit on the bench. He even promised the team that if a victory seemed in the bag, he’d put Jason in the game. When the young man with a disability that slows down most people was sent onto the court, the packed gymnasium erupted with joy.Watching Jason hit the court and do something he loves to do, was inspiring enough. Then watching him excel in the face of adversity really puts you over the edge.Enjoy this video, it is truly inspiring. Watch a young man, play for the love of the game and you can feel it in your heart.

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