Inspirational Stories

This page is a collection of Motivational and Inspirational Stories.  Each of the stories below shares a powerful message of inspiration and motivation.  Most have been shared with me by different teachers.  Some while at school and others on the road of life.  They have all come at the perfect time and brought me a wonderful gift when I needed it most.

Stories can be powerful teachers, especially in today's entertainment driven world.  We become engaged and involved as our imaginations are activated by the colorful language and our emotional connection.

Enjoy the inspirational and motivational stories below.  Allow their messages to empower your life.

Bookmark this page and check back often as I update it on a regular basis, so be sure to check back soon.

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Inspiring Stories

Abraham Lincoln Persistence Inspiration to keep reaching for your dreams.

But I Am Present The struggle to be an individual.

Don't Quit Inspirational poem about following your dreams.

The Fisherman and the Businessman Perspective and enjoying life.

Happiness Is A Journey! Stop waiting and start living.

I Am Me Being happy with who you are.

Letting Go How to live with self-empowerment.

My Life To Live Over Great story about enjoying life to the fullest.

My Resignation Having fun and being childlike.

The Optimists Creed

Our Deepest Fear Marianne Williamson on living your greatness.

Philosophy Class There's always room for a cup of coffee.

Reading More And Dusting Less All moments are special moments.

Risk Appearing The Fool The greatest risk is to take no risk at all.

Spilt Milk Story The power of confidently making mistakes.

The Butterfly Story Struggles and the growth they provide.

The Cookie Thief Great story about jumping to conclusions.

The Charles Schultz Philosophy Inspirational quiz.

The Hospital Window Story of hope, friendship, and imagination.

The Starfish Story An optimistic point of view and making a difference.

Wear Sunscreen Lyrics from the inspirational song.

You Are More! Jean Houston from "A Passion for the Possible."

You Are Valuable A great story on the inherent value of each person.

Your Constant Companion Motivation for personal responsibility.

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