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Enjoy these inspiring golf quotes by some of the greatest players and avid fans of the game. Allow the wisdom on this page to inspire you to reach your best in both the game of golf and life.

I can sum it up like this:
Thank God for the game of golf.
-Arnold Palmer

I get to play golf for a living.
What more can you ask for,
getting paid for doing what you love.
-Tiger Woods

Golf is so popular
simply because it is the best game in the world at which to be bad.
-AA Milne

Golf teaches us that we all have handicaps...
and that hardly anybody knows what they really are.
-Rabbi Gellman & Monsignor Hartman

Success in this game
depends less on strength of body
than strength of mind and character.
-Arnold Palmer

Golf is like fishing and hunting.
What counts is the companionship and fellowship of friends,
not what you catch or shoot.
-George Archer

It's great to win,
but it's also great fun
to be in the thick of any truly well
and hard fought contest
against opponents you respect,
whatever the outcome.
-Jack Nicklaus

You must work very hard to become a natural golfer.
-Gary Player

I never prayed that I would make a putt.
I prayed that I would react well if I missed.
-Chi Chi Rodriguez

All seasoned players know, or at least have felt,
that when you are playing your best,
you are much the same as in a state of meditation.
You're free of tension and chatter.
You are concentrating on one thing.
It is the ideal condition for good golf.
-Harvey Penick

I didn't miss the putt.
I made the putt.
The ball missed the hole.
-Peter Jacobsen

They say golf is like life,
but don't believe them.
Golf is more complicated than that.
-Gardner Dickinson

I have always had a drive that pushed me to try for perfection,
and golf is a game in which perfection stays just out of reach.
-Betsy Rawls

I like golf because you can be really terrible at it
and still not look much dorkier than anybody else.
-Dave Barry

It took me 17 years to get 3000 hits in baseball.
I did it in one afternoon on the golf course.
-Hank Aaron

The game has such a hold on golfers
because they compete not only against an opponent,
but also against the course, against par,
and most surely- against themselves.
-Arnold Palmer

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