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Playing baseball is not real life.
It's a fantasy world...
It's a dream come true.
-Dale Murphy

Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.
-Babe Ruth

I think about baseball when I wake up in the morning.
I think about it all day and I dream about it at night.
The only time I don't think about it
is when I'm playing it.
-Carl Yastrzemski

Baseball is the only field of endeavor
where a man can succeed three times out of ten
and be considered a good performer.
-Ted Williams

In the 8th inning you can't hear the roar of the 9th,
all you can do to hold yourself together, and trust.
-Jim Abbott

You gotta be a man to play baseball for a living,
but you gotta have a lot of little boy in you.
-Roy Campanella

My motto was always to keep swinging.
Whether I was in a slump
or feeling badly or having trouble off the field,
the only thing to do was keep swinging.
-Hank Aaron

Man may penetrate the outer reaches of the universe,
he may solve the very secret of eternity itself,
but for me the ultimate human experience
is to witness the flawless execution of the hit-and-run.
-Branch Rickey

A well-run restaurant is like a winning baseball team.
It makes the most of every crew member's talent
and takes advantage of every split-second opportunity
to speed up service.
-David Ogilvy

Any baseball is beautiful.
No other small package comes as close
to the ideal design and utility.
It is a perfect object for a man's hand.
Pick it up and it instantly suggests its purpose;
it is meant to be thrown a considerable distance,
thrown hard and with precision.
-Roger Angell

The other sports are just sports.
Baseball is a love.
-Bryant Gumbel

I swing big, with everything I've got.
I hit big or I miss big.
I like to live as big as I can.
-Babe Ruth

The game's isn't over until it's over.
-Yogi Berra

Pitchers, like poets, are born not made.
-Cy Young

I don't want to play golf.
When I hit a ball,
I want somebody else to go chase it.
-Rogers Hornsby

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