“How To Have Fun While Creating
Financial Independence”

Hi, I’m Dr. JoeTichio the creator of Greatest-Inspirational-Quotes.com.  If you’d like to learn how to have fun while creating financial independence then this page will help.

First, answer these 3 questions:

  1. Would you like a career that genuinely excites you?

  2. Would you like to earn money while you sleep?

  3. Would you like to work from home, the café, or even the beach?

If you said yes to even one of the above, then read on and I’ll show you how I’m doing it.

In 2008, I started this website mostly out of curiosity.  I wanted to understand how the internet worked and how people were making so much money by just surfing the web.  Well, it turns out you don’t really make money by just surfing the web, but you can make money pretty easily on the internet.

Before we go any further, if you’re looking to create the next Facebook or Twitter so you can sit back and rake in the dough, I can’t help you with that.  

If you’d like to earn $500, $5,000, or even $10,000 a month in passive income while having fun and working from home, that I can help you with.

"Understanding Passive Income"

Passive income is income received on a regular basis with little effort required to maintain it.  This money could come in the form of royalties, investments, or automated business systems. 

Most of us earn “active income” or trade our time for money.  If you stop working, you stop getting paid.  Even if you make a great salary, if you get fired or quit, it’s pretty certain you’ll stop getting paid.  The work you did yesterday doesn’t continue to earn you money today.  So each day you have to get up and go to work to make money.   

Passive income operates differently; the work you do today will continue to generate money way into the future.  For example, web pages I created in 2008 still earn me money today and will continue earning me money well into the future.  This works because my website, Greatest-Inspirational-Quotes.com provides value to thousands of people each day in the form of inspirational quotes, stories, poems, articles, and a monthly newsletter.  The website works automatically for me 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.  Most mornings I wake up and see money has been deposited into my bank account - Pretty Nice, huh?

Passive income is not right for everyone, so before continuing, decide if passive income is right for you.

  1. Would you enjoy working for yourself?

  2. Can you hold yourself responsible without a boss watching over you?

  3. Can you set goals/deadlines and meet them?

If you answered yes to the above 3 questions, then read on- passive income is a good fit.

I’m going to share with you how Building an Income Generating Website around a Passion or Hobby is the best way to create a stream of passive income.

Why a website?

Building an online business is the most cost effective way of creating passive income.  Plus it allows you the freedom to work from anywhere and anytime you have access to a computer.

It’s important for me to be able to set my own schedule.  I wanted the freedom and flexibility to schedule my own day.  Some days I work in the mornings, some days in the evenings.  I get to decide and that makes it easier for me to fit in other things I enjoy doing.  I can go grocery shopping during the day when the super market is empty,  meet friends for lunch, exercise, or walk my dog. What are some things you’d enjoy doing with your free time?

Why a Passion or Hobby?

Because the title of this article is: How to Have Fun While Creating Financial Independence.  The fun part is just as important as the money part.  I want you to be able to enjoy what you’re doing, feel good about yourself, and earn a bunch of money.

"Now What?"

Before starting this website I had a lot of questions and did a lot of research.  I investigated all my favorite websites and bloggers.  I started emailing and asking questions.  Luckily people on the web can be pretty friendly and helpful.  I came across several resources on how to build a website and found some really cheap options.  But something was missing.  I wanted, NO, I NEEDED A PLAN.  Something that would take me from beginning to end- a blue print on how to come up with a good idea, something I would enjoy working on, and turn it into a success.  I was nervous about wasting my time and money.

After much searching I finally found what I was looking for, a complete step-by-step approach to success and one with a proven track record.  Site Build It! (aka SBI!) is the company that guided me to build this successful website. 

I can honestly say that without SBI! you never would have found Greatest-Inspirational-Quotes.com, because it wouldn’t even exist.  Every year millions of websites are built, but very few become successful.  My site and thousands of others are a testament of what’s possible with the help of SBI!

What follows is an overview of the proven approach to online success that I learned from SBI!  These are the steps to follow as you create a profitable website and build passive income.

"First Things First"

In order to be successful you have to know what steps to take and in what order.  If you’re baking a cake and have all the ingredients, but you don’t know the recipe you’re likely to make some mistakes.  Not a big deal if you’re playing around in the kitchen, but if you have important guests coming over you want that cake to look great and taste delicious.

That’s why SBI! provides a Step By Step Action Guide that will take you through the most effective online business building process available anywhere.  Plus, the action guide can be read or watched as a video presentation.  This way you can learn quicker and reach your goals faster.  And most of us enjoy watching videos more than reading, which makes learning easier. You’ll get to see lots of examples and watch the process as you go.

Like I said, I was a complete beginner.  The action guide showed me a proven plan for success and walked me through it step by step so I never felt alone or confused and always knew what my next step would be.

“Choose your Most Profitable Idea”

What should your website be about?  Remember- we’re here to have fun and make money.  Deciding what hobby or passion to build your website around can be a difficult process.  You may not be sure what you’re passionate about or if anyone else would be interested in the same hobbies as you.  SBI! offers a great set of tools to use during the brainstorming steps.  They will help you create a list of possible ideas for websites.  I came up with several great ideas for my website. The topics included - hiking, yoga, natural health, personal development, and inspiration.

Brainstorming is a lot of fun, but it’s also very important.  If you don’t know what to look for you may waste months building a website no one is interested in or has no potential to earn you money. 

Thankfully SBI!  has a unique technology called Brainstorm It! which helps you to sift through all your ideas and pick out the diamond in the ruff.  After running all my potential website ideas through Brainstorm It, SBI! helped me to choose Inspirational Quotes. It was the perfect combination of my passion and money making potential.  

"Building Your Website"

With a little help from the Action Guide, you will have your website topic picked out, a plan for which pages to build, and how to best organize them for success.  But there are still 2 details to cover.

  1.  Designing your website

  2. How to write the pages on your site

You don’t have to be an artist or an English major to succeed.  Let me explain.

First, designing your website is easy and fun.  There are a ton of templates to go through, each one offering you a variety of options.  I don’t have any experience in graphic design and my site has a great look and most importantly a very functional design.  If you want to get artsy and create a design from scratch, you are able to do so, just know that you don’t have to.  With SBI! you have the tools available to create a great looking and functional website with ease.  You also have the freedom to express your creative abilities in an infinite number of ways.

Second, writing for the web is casual
.  Most of us are not professional writers and you don’t have to be.  SBI will show you how to structure your pages to get your point across so the search engines and your visitors will enjoy it.  Most writing on the internet is pretty casual, basically a conversation amongst friends.  If you’re worried about writing there’s no need to be.  If you pick the right topic your passion and understanding is enough, then follow the simple steps you will learn and you’re off.

“You’re Always One Step Ahead”

Things move pretty quickly on the internet.  Technology is constantly changing and keeping up with the trends can be a job in itself.

How do you know what will be the best use of your time?  Should I have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, LinkedIn?  Do I need a blog?  Should I have a newsletter? There’s not a one size fits all answer.  Facebook is great for some, but a waste for others.  It’s important to know the difference, because your time is valuable. 

The team at SBI is always testing new information, resources, and products to determine what will help you succeed.   And best of all, SBI! is always updating their technology and software making the cream of the crop available to you automatically and FREE.

Also, they track hundreds of e-business news sources keeping you informed and on the leading edge.  Not only will your business grow, but it will always be a step ahead of the competition.

No need to waste your time trying to keep up with everything and worrying what the next trend will be- SBI! does it for you.

“Help is Always Available”

As I mentioned earlier, building websites was new to me- I was a complete beginner.  I followed the action guide and went step by step, but I hit a couple of road blocks and even felt frustrated a few times.  There were other times when I needed a reassuring voice, someone to let me know I was on the right track or help me choose between a couple of options.  Having access to the private SBI! forums is a priceless asset.  It’s reassuring to have such a supportive group of people right at my finger tips. 

In fact, the forums are such an indispensable source of wisdom I would pay separately to be a part of them. They are the best resource to help you succeed at creating an income-generating website.  Luckily, the forums are a complimentary feature for all of us who utilize SBI!

“Real World Results”

We are here to have fun and make money, so let’s talk a little bit about the money.  How will you make money with your website?  It takes traffic to build income.  The more traffic you have, the more potential for income.  In case you don’t know, traffic means visitors, how many visitors are viewing your website?

Think of it like a TV show. A show with good ratings (which has a lot of viewers) will earn more money than one with poor ratings (less viewers). The same is true for a website.

As your traffic grows, so does your income.  SBI will give you a proven plan to build your website traffic so you can start to make real money, going from $500, $5,000, to $10,000 or more a month in passive income.

Other websites don’t know how to do this, so I frequently get offered money to put ads on my site to help them get traffic.  With SBI! you will learn simple and effective techniques so you will never have to pay to build your traffic.  If you follow the action guide, lots of people will find your new website, and lots of visitors translates into lots of money.

"Is It Really Possible?"

When I was first researching this idea of creating passive income through a website I was pretty skeptical.  There are a lot of empty promises online and a lot of people with their hands out wanting your cash and promising to help you get rich quick.

So, I did my research.  SBI! has 62% of their websites in the top 3% of websites worldwide.  You can Click Here to see a partial list of SBI!’s top 0.5% of websites in the world.  You can even double check by comparing the numbers with Alexa. 

If you’re not a numbers person it basically boils down to this.  SBI! sites are very popular worldwide, which translates into lots of traffic/visitors, which leads to income.  And, these websites are based around many different passions and hobbies.  Here are a few examples: birthday parties, wedding planning, hair care, military, finance and investing, cooking and recipes, diet, health, exercise, photography, gardening, crafts, pets, sports, movies, music, travel, and inspirational quotes.

If you have the desire to be successful SBI! will show you how.  The best part is you can do it around any topic you are passionate about.  The main thing I want you to know is that there’s a lot of potential and a proven path towards success.  It doesn’t matter if you love finance, gardening, fashion, or movies.  Whatever your passion, there is a way to turn it into a source of passive income and build financial freedom for yourself.

“Is This Really As Easy As It Sounds?”

I get asked this question a lot, so let me be clear.  This is not a get rich quick product.  You won’t have a successful website by just clicking a few buttons, then sitting back and watching the money roll in.  There’s nothing in life that is like that, unless you’re one of the lucky winners of the lottery.

Most people selling Get-Rich-Quick products promise the world, but deliver nothing. Well, nothing but your wasted time and money. If they promise you money for nothing, walk away- it’s a scam.

My goal was to turn one of my passions into a form of passive income. Passive income doesn’t mean that you don’t work. It means you do the work once and it continues to generate money for you now and into the future.  It’s a way to stop trading your time for money, allowing you more freedom.

The key is to choose a topic you enjoy. This way the work will be fun and financially rewarding.

“Take 90 Days to Decide”

When I decided to sign up with SBI!, the thing that made my decision easiest was the 90 days, no questions asked, money back guarantee.  I loved what SBI! had to say and was impressed by the results they had in helping so many people have fun and make money.  Yet I was still a little apprehensive until I saw the guarantee.  I knew that in 90 days I would know if I made the right decision.  I also found out that if I decided to continue after 90 days, but then changed my mind, they would still give me a pro-rated refund up to a whole year.

For me, that’s a sure sign of a solid company, one that believes in its product and cares about its customers. I don’t know of any other companies or services that offer such an amazing guarantee.  And they’ve been doing this successfully since 1997.  Pretty amazing considering Facebook has only been around since 2004, and Google since 1998.

“An Affordable Approach to Financial Independence”

Let’s get right to it - What does it cost?

If you want to earn passive income it's important to take this seriously. There are cheaper ways to build a website or blog.  You can even do it for free.  But, websites and blogs alone don’t make money.  You need a proven plan to turn your passion based website into a money-making business.

Thousands of new websites pop up each year and most are gone in a few months. My purpose here is to show you how to have fun and make money.  If you just want a hobby site or blog for fun that’s fine, but I want to show you it’s possible to make passive income, create a lifestyle you love, and have fun in the process.

Your time is precious, don’t waste it. With SBI! your website will be an online business that could earn you money for many years to come.  Mine has been earning me a monthly income since 2008.

Starting a business can be pretty costly and have lots of hidden expenses.
 With SBI! everything is included, there’s nothing else to buy. You get:

  • The most comprehensive and proven approach to building passive income
  • The Step by Step Action Guide and videos
  • Brainstorm It! - to find the perfect combination of passion and profit 
  • Professional Website Design - great looking and user friendly
  • Special SBI! Private Forums - help is always available
  • SBI! Xpress - insider info to put you a step ahead
  • Your own domain name - keep this even if you decide to leave
  • All technology and software updates included
  • The 90 Day "Confidence of Success" Guarantee

For all the tools and support SBI! provides, you would easily pay around $5,000 per year and get your money’s worth.  But at $5,000 most of us wouldn’t be able to afford to start a new venture.  Even at half the price, it would still be out of reach for those that need it most.
SBI! makes building your online business easy and affordable. 

You get all the above and more, not for $5,000, but for $299 a year, that breaks down to only $25 a month,
less than $1 a day

And with the 90 Day "Confidence of Success" Guarantee,  you can test drive the whole system for 3 months.  You can try it out first and make your final decision later.

Time is our most valuable resource.  You don’t have the option to save it for later or spend it when you want to.  It’s continuously passing on its own. 

The best time to start earning passive income was last year.
The next best time is right now.

If I’ve done my job you now know it’s possible to have fun and make money.  Now it’s your turn to take what you’ve learned and start today.

If you have any further questions before starting, I urge you to contact SBI! directly, Click Here! You can call or email the company and get all the 1-on-1 answers you need.

Act on your inspiration now!  Create the life you desire, Visit SBI! to Learn More


PS.  I hope this review was helpful to you. Someone took the time a few of years ago to share this with me and it made a big difference. Hopefully, I’ve done the same for you.

Watch the Video Below: See How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit!

For less than $1 a day you could be on your way to Having Fun and Creating Financial Freedom!  Click Here! to get started

Note: In the interest of full disclosure the links on this page are affiliate links and I do get a small percentage of each sale. With that said, I only recommend products that I have researched and find to be extremely useful.

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