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Inspirations Newsletter - Effortless Success with Jack Canfield
October 02, 2012



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This Month's Lineup:

1. Effortless Success by Jack Canfield
2. Stop Doing That!
3. Quote for the month

1. Effortless Success by Jack Canfield

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams
and endeavors to live the life he has imagined,
he will meet with success unimagined in common hours.


FREE Online Event: Learn how to activate the Law of Attraction and achieve Effortless Success with Jack Canfield.

Effortless Success is a 7 part online training brought to you by Jack Canfield from the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

If you're like me you own at least one of these books. Their inspirational stories have touched people's lives all over the world. Jack's also known for his interviews on The Secret. He's a well known expert in the Law of Attraction and will be helping you to bring success into any arena of your life. If you would like help with finances, health, or relationships this FREE event will be life changing.

The Line Up:
1- Live with Purpose: Learn Jack's secret to purpose and celebrating success.
2- Receive Inspiration: Inner wisdom, guidance, meditation, and life purpose.
3- Form Intention: Dream big goals, create vision and intentions.
4- Take action: The creating your day meditation and Rule of Five...
5- Experience Growth: Solutions and the law of least effort.
6 - Effortless Success: Staying inspired, finding clarity, and Jack's practice.
7 - Q&A

Sign up now and start right away. The event officially starts on Monday October 8th and a new lesson will be available each day until Oct. 13, 2012. You may listen to a recording as often as you like, so if you miss a day you can make it up anytime during the event.

If you're looking to make a change in your life, this is it. It's free, it's from a reputable, successful person and you can do from home. Find out more Here!

2. Stop Doing That!

A man is but the product of his thoughts
what he thinks, he becomes.
-Mahatma Gandhi

We become what we think about! Have you heard that before? Those 6 little words teach a powerful lesson. Most people are picky about the car they drive, the clothes they wear, and the food they eat. How often do you pay attention to the thoughts you think?

What you spend your time thinking about will reflect in your everyday life. Happy thoughts = a happy life. The same goes for thoughts of sadness, passion, anger, and adventure. In my younger days I saw life as one big adventure. This thought permeated everything I did. It inspired me to take more trips, try new things, and actively seek ways to explore life.

My adventurous perspective also influenced how I saw everyday life. For example, if on a flight I had a layover I was excited about the unknown possibilities. My imagination would get going... who would I meet? What food would I get to try? What might happen along the trip? To me it was all very exciting. In reality it was just a layover, but for my adventurous spirit the possibilities were endless.

Most people aren't excited about a layover, they just want to get from point A to Point B with as little hassle as possible. I understand that, but what I'd like to point out is depending on how you think about things your experience will change. If you have a happy attitude the trip will be more enjoyable. If you're annoyed, the trip will be less fun and most likely annoy you even more.

It's important to point out the circumstance are what they are, so why not have a great attitude as you go into it? The event doesn't have to change, only your thinking does.

Here are 3 things to avoid or stop doing, so you can add more happiness to your life.

1. Blaming - give up the habit of blaming. Take responsibility for your life and your life's situations. Blame will get you nowhere. It just keeps you from finding a solution.

2. Stop Pretending - Stop showing the world a false image of a flawless person to be liked and accepted. Be yourself and you open up the opportunity to make genuine connections with others. You are a perfect you and there is no one more perfect at that, then you ;)

3. Entitlement - Here's a secret, no one owes you anything. You have been given the gift of life, the rest is up to you. If you approach life feeling that you are owed something, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Be grateful for what you have, learn to appreciate the people and circumstances in your life. Dropping entitlement will open you up to enjoying all the beauty around you.

4. Quote for the Month
Don’t limit yourself.
Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do.
You can go as far as your mind lets you.
What you believe, remember, you can achieve.
-Mary Kay Ash

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