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Inspirations Newsletter - 5 Tips to Improve Your Life Today
November 01, 2012



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This Month's Lineup:

1. My First Book is Almost Complete
2. 5 Tips to Improve Your Life Today
3. Quote for the month

1. Greatest Inspirational Quotes - The Book

Something I've wanted to do for a long time is write and publish a book. A few months ago I decided to do just that. So each week little-by-little I've been spending time writing and researching my first book. I do not yet have a title, but the book will be: 365 days to a more inspired life.

Basically it will be a collection of 365 of the most inspiring quotes to bring more happiness, passion, and success into your life. They are the same quotes I've been using to inspire myself and help create more passion and purpose in my own life. I will share more with you as the book gets closer to completion.

PS if you have a good idea for a title, please email me and share.

2. Five Tips to Improve Your Life Today

Life moves pretty fast.
If you don't stop and look around once in a while,
you could miss it.

Ferris Bueller

We often become very busy with the things we "have to do" and don't have time for all the things we'd prefer to be doing. Our time is spent prioritizing our schedule, instead of scheduling our priorities. I go through this too, I think we all do.

So I've come up with a few things that are easy to do and have been helpful in improving my own life. They take just a few minutes, but the pay off can be exponential.

1. Relationships

If you go looking for a friend,
you're going to find they're very scarce.
If you go out to be a friend,
you'll find them everywhere.
Zig Ziglar

Be a great friend. Be the friend you would like to have. Be the brother, sister, mom, dad, etc.. that you want in your life. Live by example and the people around you will start to live up to that example. So take a few minutes to make that phone call, give a supportive and genuine compliment, or just listen. We all need to be heard.

I use my time driving home in traffic to catch up on my friend and family phone calls. It helps to reduce the stress of being in traffic and is a great use of time. [Be safe and use a hands free head set ;)]

2. A Goal

Pick one big goal for the year. Something you really want to do or a change you really want to make. Find that one goal that when you think about completing it, you get all excited and happy.

We all have things we'd like to do and time is passing by. So pick one goal and make a commitment to do something each day to bring you closer to reaching it. Remember, it's not just about finishing the goal, your real reward is the person you become along the way.

3. Read

Turn off the TV and the computer, spend some time reading. Reading is a great way to exercise your imagination, learn something new, and just unplug from the constant input of flickering light to your brain. An easy way to read more is by deciding to read just 10 pages a day, which ='s 300 pages a month. Little by little things get done.

4. Walk

Everyday make time to go for a walk. It doesn't have to be a marathon session, just 5 minutes of walking can have a positive effect on your mental and emotional health. Moving your body gets the blood pumping and your lungs breathing which will help you to feel energized.

5. Drink More Water

Most of the food and beverages we consume dehydrate us. When your body is lacking the proper amount of water you can feel sluggish, get headaches, and loose concentration. So drink a glass of water. Even better would be to replace all your beverages for the day with fresh water. Here's a little secret if you're feeling very dehydrated try adding a tiny pinch of sea salt in your water. The water shouldn't actually taste salty, just add a little to add minerals and it will be better absorbed.

4. Quote for the Month

A loving person lives in a loving world.
A hostile person lives in a hostile world;
everyone you meet is your mirror.
-Ken Keyes, Jr.


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