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7 Steps to Success
March 05, 2013


This Month's Lineup:

1. New Ultimate YOU Mindfest
2. 7 Steps to Success

A New Ultimate You Mindfest

Last summer I helped to promote a free online event called the Ultimate You Mindfest. It was a week long series of short coaching sessions and neuro-linguistic programming style meditations, to condition your mind for positive thinking, success, and action orientation. That event was very popular with the readers of my website. It was also a big success for Learning Strategies, so this year they decided to host another event.

This year's Mindfest is completely new and will have all fresh material. Just like last year it will be completely free. The event will go for 6 days and you will get two new programs each day. They can be streamed from your computer or cell phone and will be available to you at your convenience. During the event you will have the option to purchase any recording you desire, but you may also listen to the whole event for FREE.

Last year I participated in the Ultimate You Mindfest and enjoyed it. I learned a lot and was able to make some positive changes. So this year it was easy for me to decide to promote it again, especially since it's FREE and completely original material.

The Mindfest is once again hosted by Paul Scheele, who co-founded Learning Strategies 32 years ago. You may have seen him on CBS Television News or The Learning Channel , he is an acclaimed expert of human performance, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and accelerated learning. He's also very passionate about understanding how the mind works and helping people improve their lives.

Over the course of 6 days, Paul will share the following lessons:

Day 1 – Make More Money: Clear away blocks to your financial abundance

Day 2 – Sharpen Your Memory: Overcome uncertainty and forgetfulness

Day 3 – Attract What You Want: Make the Law of Attraction work for your success

Day 4 – Be Free of Anxiety: Be fearless, strong, and successful

Day 5 – Kick-up Your Instincts: Use your intuition to get in touch with your inner wisdom

Day 6 – Improve Your Health: Boost your immune system, reduce stress and avoid illness

Bonus - Get to Your Ideal Weight: Use your inner mind to help you lose those extra pounds

For each day of the course, you will get two programs - one coaching session from Paul and one Paraliminal. The sessions are On-Demand, which means you can listen to them any time you want during the days they are available.

The Mindfest officially begins on Monday, March 18th. I suggest you register for it now (takes only a couple of seconds). That way you'll get a reminder email when the Mindfest is about to begin.

Visit the Ultimate You Mindfest website to get started or learn more. I already signed up for it too.

7 Steps to Success

1. Decide what you want: Making a decision creates focus and allows you to see what's important.

2. Write it down and set a deadline: Writing it down makes it real and having a deadline creates urgency and sparks creativity.

3. Don’t wait for inspiration, create your own: Professionals don't wait to be inspired, they do what needs to be done. This is true of all successful people whether artist, writer, or business person. Find ways to generate your own inspiration, it's an empowering process.

4. Dream big: We all fail from time to time, better to shoot for the moon and miss, at least you will be in the company of the stars.

5. Plan your priorities: Don't let busy work direct your day. Decide on your priorities and plan accordingly.

6. Take action: Don't suffer from Paralysis by Analysis. All the prep work is essential to success, but don't forget to take action.

7. Give it up: Be brave and let go of the people, things, and habits that drain you mentally and physically. You will be amazed at how much energy and time you have for the things that bring you joy.

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